26 November 2009

43things & culture capital 2010

c'mon guys ... i so looooove 43things but 3 accounts banned within one week because of linking harmless non-commercial ad-free blogs [gelsenblog.blogspot.com] [ruhr-2010.blogspot.com] or because of just mentioning the ruhr.2010 event or because of my truely realistic flikr photo sets Gelsenkirchen ruhr.2010 perhaps seem to be inappropriate O_o hey admins, how about giving a chance to react to complains, why not just turn off the linking feature if not wanted or being too risky ... let complainers comment first I didn't see anything like that ... and btw go rent a bike in the ruhr area and check yourself ... their official sites just don't show what it actually looks like o_O or whatever it is that caused the "suspension because of violation of the Community Guidelines" it makes me sad because remember this is the internet and i thought i didn't have to remind you what it's all about that what keeps it growing where the profit comes from makes new services go online and finally makes the admins *feeling good* [wiki] [eff] think of it ;-)

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